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Sandra L. Arango Calderón

Fundadora y directora general del festival


In my musical experience and my travels I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn different ways of approaching my instrument and its repertoire, both conceptually and technically, from a wide range of sources and talented teachers. This has inspired and motivated me to reflect on ways in which i can offer the violists of Colombia useful information and activities that will enrich them as musicians and violists just as my musicianship was enriched by experiencing a diverse learning environment. I strive to help young colombian violists become effective musicians with solid career opportunities here at home and abroad. I also encourage young musicians to work as a collective, in ensembles, so that they gain confidence with both their playing and the quality of their tone. I want them all to reach their full potential. In short, I try to pass on all of the wisdom and knowledge that the guiding hand of my teachers and years of professional experience have given me. 

During all of these years that the festival has taken place the successes and achievements of every festival iteration have filled me with pride and have pushed me to continue working and supporting the talent of our violists.This is why we have organized parallel educational activities to the festival performances that include international guest artists as teachers which have been brought to colombia by institutions such as: the National University of Colombia, the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra, the Julio Mario Santodomingo Main Theatre, the Luis Angel Arango Concert hall, and the International String Quartet Festival of Bogota among others.  


I welcome you once more to the 2019 Interuniversity Viola Festival of Bogota. 

Our team:


Ricardo Hernández
Anibal Dos Santos
Julián Linares
Andrea Carolina del Pilar Sánchez
Adriana Isabel Quintero López
David Merchan
Luz Andreina Cadenas Gutierrez
Luz del Pilar Salazar
Karen Johana Correa Suárez
Juan Sebastián Castillo
Andrea Natalia Torres Álvarez
Johana Pino González
Mauricio Arias Esguerra
Nelson Humberto Jiménez Chacón